For adults and children, there is nothing more exciting than beach games and water sports. Beach Volley was born in California: it is a variant of volley-ball, it’s played on the beach and it has more and more followers.

Another nice pastime is Beach Tennis: who has never played with the famous “paddles”, with feet in the water, near the shore getting tanned without getting hot? Of course, between one game and another you’ll need a break to recharge: do not forget a full supply of Trinketto, the drinkable candy made of pure water, a little sugar and a delicate strawberry taste; that’s the perfect solution to regain the initial sprint.

Then you’ll be able to start again with new ideas: an evergreen game is cheecoting, where players of all ages compete. It seems that Beach Soccer is becoming more and more fashionable, that is the version of soccer to be played on the beach… or why not to play frisbee? What is certain is that after such so many activities, a fresh solution is essential: not only a dip in the sea, but also a really refreshing proposal for children! It’s Trinketto “freeze” version: you just need to leave the little bottles of their favourite taste in the fridge – Classic, Cherry, Cole or Bubble Gum, and then remember to take them to the beach, better if in a cooler. For the children, Trinketto will be a refreshing moment of sweetness and energy!