Trinketto vintage

Mums will definitely remember it… Trinketto, in the beginning, was called Dolcetto. Many years passed, and the little bottle so loved by children changed name, going on to transform itself into the character we all know: Trinketto.
Since then he has tried to become more and more handsome… he’s lost a bit of weight, he’s had some “lifting” done, and now he’s much vainer than before; in his heart, however, he’s the same as ever: the sweet friend of all children.


Super social Trinketto!

2017 sees a new, big step in Trinketto: its entry into the social world! April inaugurates its official page on Facebook, which will soon enrich itself with tasty contents by opening a direct dialogue with its audience.


Trinketto rap

The tv ad that launched the first rap song by Trinketto! A smash hit for all children. Click here to watch the ad (italian audio only).


Trinketto in 3D!

This year sees the birth of a 3D Trinketto, ready to be animated and star in many new adventures.


The first major restyling

The evolution of the original character came in 2007, and this original new style was three-dimensional, with big open eyes and a dazzling smile.


The “vintage” TV commercial

A commercial some of you might remember, full of cheer with a virtual Trinketto who presents himself by saying “I’m the three-ball one!”.



The little bottle comes in PET and so… is recyclable!



The birth of the mascot which is still a hit with the little ones, i.e. “Trinketto” in anthropomorphic guise.


Dolcetto evolves

The bottle adopts the “3 balls” shape and comes in PVC. The product continues to be marketed as Dolcetto.



The product is born, originally in a little glass bottle. Children were immediately won over by its flavour.