Play and Create with Trinketto

Many games from matching cards memory to Trinketto Bowling to have fun alone or with others. Get some scissors (with rounded tips, please!) and some glue, and for the harder parts ask mum and dad for help!


Did you know that Trinketto is a perfect skittle? Print the material for bowling and place on the floor, the base, the strips, the empty bottles of Trinketto (without deforming them if possible!) and five caps. Do some practice alone, and then hurry up and invite your friends! Trinketto Bowling is waiting for you!



Once printed and laid on the floor, sit the 10 empty Trinketto bottles inside the circles. Choose where to place the 5 caps (5 shots per player)


The guides are used to aim well at the skittles. Print them all and use them according to the degree of difficulty of the game. If you want an easy strike, roll from from a low number, but if you’re already skilled, move away using the higher multipliers!

Trinketto memory game

A great classic; recognize the pairs of images set in the colourful world of Trinketto.


Get ready for a fun memory challenge with Trinketto characters and products.


Have fun with Trinketto

Door hanger

Cut it and hang it on the door… no one will disturb you!


Treasure Hunt

Face your friends and find all objects of the list!!!


Labels for boooks and school notebooks

Print the labels on adhesive paper or on plain paper and cut them out.



With a small (full) bottle of Trinketto, you always have a magnifying glass! Try scrolling through any text.

With Trinketto you have a small bottle ideal for playing with your friends, take turns and… forfeits! Spin on a flat surface, if the bottle is full it turns better!