There are magic moments that parents and children live together. Just like reading a book or walking in a park hand in little hand. But above all, dialogues are the best magic moments. Dialogues between mums and dads and their children. Matteo Bussola – cartoonist for profession – has dedicated a book to dialogues. “Notti in bianco, baci a colazione” (Sleepless nights, kisses for breakfast) is a sweet tender collection, sometimes amusing and always funny, of the conversations that dad Matteo has had over the years with his three daughters.  When reading this book, we will all be moved and we will identify ourselves in many situations. Because there are dialogues all children do. With their parents, brothers and sisters, with their grandparents, with the adults they meet. Sometimes they make us smile, sometimes we are taken by surprise. That’s why, the best way to enjoy “Notti in bianco, baci a colazione” is to read it together with our children, sitting on the couch. It is even better if they have grown a little, to smile together remembering when they surprised us with their intuitions and their questions. And if you want to add sweetness to sweetness, there is nothing better than a little bottle of Trinketto, the delicious unique candy drink. Always there, where there is a child.