Everyone knows: where there is a child, there is Trinketto! Sweet and delicious, it’s the perfect friend on every occasion and it’s also perfect when children go and have fun at Leolandia. An amusement park for the whole family, with 6 themed areas and 40 attractions aimed at children of all ages: to find out which rides are the most suitable for your child, you just need to measure him/her with the support of our custom tape measure with the beloved Trinketto mascot, that you’ll find in many areas of Leolandia. Many dreams here come true: besides the exciting attractions, children will be able to attend incredible shows or to meet their favourite cartoon characters and even see many animals… During such exciting days, a break with Trinketto is a must: you’ll find it in any of the many restaurants in the park, and energy will be immediately available! With its unmistakable bottle, Trinketto is the drinkable candy that everybody loves since generations: its recipe includes a tasty mix of water and sugar, without colourings. Everyone enjoys the unique taste of Trinketto, today also available in new flavours: Cherry, Cola and Bubble Gum. Strolling among these beauties, Trinketto is again the perfect solution to have a pleasant rest: Trinketto, like Minitalia, is a product made in Italy! In the amusement park Leolandia the day seems never to end: but when it’s time to go back home if you have kept the Trinketto PET bottle – that you can alternatively recycle throwing it in the containers for plastic – the amusement goes on! Surf the website www.trinketto.it and go to the section Games: you’ll find many funny ideas to use the bottle again creating games for the whole family.