If it is true that “where there is Trinketto, there is a child”, this is even truer for its special tastes. In fact, in addition to the unmistakable “Trinketto taste”, a blend of water and sugar – with a delicate strawberry taste – the unique original candy drink is also available in three gluttonous tastes: Trinketto Cherry, Trinketto Cola and Trinketto Bubble Gum. Children love Trinketto Bubble Gum! It is as good as a chewing gum. But, it is also appreciated by their mums: it has the advantage of a candy in a bottle, without losing anything in taste. A candy drink! With Trinketto Bubble Gum, children don’t get dirty or sticky. Unlike traditional chewing gums, children do not run the risk to find it stuck to their garments, or worse, to their braces or to their hair!  Quite an often inconvenience among the smallest with normal chewing gums. With Trinketto Bubble Gum children will taste a sweet cheerful drink, funny and delicious and mums won’t have to worry about the consequences. Also, Trinketto Bubble Gum is completely natural, like any other Trinketto taste: only water and sugar, no colourings. And it is gluten free, so that even celiac children can drink it. Trinketto is a friend of children!