TRINKETTO trinketto

The original taste of Trinketto, that has always thrilled the kids!

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TRINKETTO UVA trinketto uva splash American Grape Trinketto: The total taste of American grapes captured in our famous little bottle. trinketto uva TRINKETTO PESCA trinketto pesca splash Water, sugar and Peach flavoring: The perfect Trio! trinketto tris pesca trinketto pesca TRINKETTO COLA triinketto cola splash Timeless and Unmistakable: Cola flavor, an irresistible classic! TRINKETTO BUBBLE GUM trinketto bubble gum trinketto bubble gum splash Fun, Playful and Fragrant: Be captivated by our Bubblegum flavor!

Slide Let us tell you a little secret…..Trinketto is made of water, sugar and no food coloring. Trinketto is a transparent liquid. What creates the fun are our colorful little bottles.
Moms don’t tell the kids! Trinketto is a safe, guaranteed product, 100% Italian sweetness!
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Only the Real and Original Triketto is certified!

We have been certified by stricter standards than those required by the current regulations! We haven’t only certified the materials used as required by law, but the entire production process. We have voluntarily undergone a certification process with an independent, international company, Bureau Veritas, which has certified the product and the whole production process from content to containers.

Trinketto’s “Report Card” is full of excellent grades”


Easy and Safe Opening

The top is easy to open and safe for kids, allowing for independence and fun!
in Italy

Its Italian production is 100% guaranteed and in line with high level safety standards.
100% Recyclable

All the Trinketto container components are 100% recyclable.
100% In-House Production
From content to container, Trinketto is produced entirely within the Bergamo establishment.

Trinketto is every child’s friend! It is ideal for who is gluten intolerant and looking for a gluten free sweet.
No Food Coloring

Simple and naturally good: Trinketto doesn’t add anything to its recipe.


Our Story


The product was invented with the name “Dolcetto”. Originally sold in a small glass bottle, our flavor has enchanted kids from the start.

The bottle changes to its characteristic shape and is produced in PVC. The product continues to be sold as “Dolcetto”.

Triketto, our mascot, is born. A smash hit with the little ones, even today!

The bottle is now produced in PET and becomes 100% recyclable.

Trinketto joins the “Social” world: Trinketto’s Facebook page is launched and starts to communicate directly with the community.

Welcome to our new site. Trinketto is now on the web with a fun and renewed image

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